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Fashion – Spring 2011


Inspiration White navy in the spring 2011 lookbook

Posted by YoQueSe on Friday March 18, 2011
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White presents his first lookbook for this spring, and they have benefited from the models Marta Vincent and Valerie van der Graaf. The collection stands out for its freshness and navy striped sailor style and a lot of red. We also find many items in nude tones, and the touch wild leopard print and fringes. Accessories: raffia bags, sandals and peep-toe booties, and many many bracelets.

White Lookbook Spring-Summer 2011. 
The look : nude with a touch of cigarettes rolled or draped skirt the key : the stampede the Balmain blazer, many bracelets and peep-toe shoes.White Lookbook Spring-Summer 2011. 
The look : peg-leg pants with shirt and boots, blouse with skirt navy. The key : a touch of leopard print in the form of stripes or the classic drawstring bag raffia mat.White Lookbook Spring-Summer 2011. 
The look : denim shorts and sailor stripes in sweaters and coats. The key , large rays, 3 / 4 sleeves and a touch of red in the letters and the handle of the bag.White Lookbook Spring-Summer 2011. 
The look : the mini-button shirt, denim dress. The key : the tweed skirt, embellished headbands, wide belt defines the silhouette of the dress.

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White Lookbook Spring-Summer 2011. 
The look : the striped skirt with denim jacket, belt and sandals finite strings. The key handbags inspired stripes and navy leather trim.

Where Can You Buy the Best Popcorn Seasoning?


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Guilty for having a treat


It doesn’t take much for many of us to let a lot of hard work and discipline go out the window because we have one small slip up while we’re trying to diet.  This is particularly true when you are trying to stick to something like a 1200 calorie diet plan.  I often wonder if a small slip up is just an excuse to go all out and binge.

To me, there is a built in problem with diets such as a 1200 calorie diet plan or any diet that puts an upper limit of the number of calories that can be consumed in a day.  With such a low upper limit, it’s extremely easy to cheat.  In addition, because it’s such a low number to start with, even the smallest slip can seem huge.

Perhaps it would make more sense for many of us to stay away from such limiting diets and plan something that is more sensible to each individual.  For an active person, 1200 calories may be burned up quickly.  To lose weight, perhaps it would be better to go slower and simply eat sensibly.